Expert Witness

AFIS and Biometrics Consulting has an extended experience in providing the subject matter expert work in legal proceedings as expert witness. The scope of our services is two folds:

  1. The IP litigations, corporate and contractual legal cases in biometrics industry;
  2. The legal cases involving the scientific basis for biometrics identification, comparison and matching two evidence samples for fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, and others.

Facial comparison is becoming a regular case evidence due to the proliferation of the surveillance cameras and all the wearable and mobile cameras capturing the incidents and people involved. We offer the scientific analysis and have served as expert witness in several cases involving the facial comparison and facial recognition, both criminal and fraudulent use of identity cases. The list of legal cases that we have worked on are available for your review, upon request.

Independent expert witness in court cases for analysis of the evidence:

Analysis of the lab reports,
Assess the scientific merits,
The completeness,
Reliability of the findings and examination of the presentations,
Fingerprint evidence,
Facial Recognition and Comparison

Intellectual property rights:

Patents; writing, evaluating, infringements’, scientific merits, scope of the applicability
Copy write,
Prior art assessment and survey of the state-of-the-art,
Expert testimony;

Recent Legal Case Projects

Legal Action Securities and Exchange Commission vs. Company, 2014  – Expert witness for the Defendants. SEC allegation of fraudulent statements made by the Company – question on the technical correctness of the Company biometric claims. Work involved review of the Company IP, Interview Company CTO and experts, review SEC documents and attend the deposition called by SEC.

Misidentification Case, 2013 – Expert witness to apply and carry out facial recognition assessment in the case of two bank clients and denial of service and access to their accounts. Completed the Facial Recognition Analysis Report and Submitted to the plaintiffs’ Council.

Verification of Identity Case, 2012 – Facial Recognition subject matter expert to assess and verify the person attended the court ifrom court picture to the newspaper pictures from few years back.

Contract Legal Case, 2011 – Facial recognition case for unauthorized use of the client pictures in an advertisement. Analysis completed and submitted to the client attorney.

Criminal Case, 2010 -Expert witness for the case involving facial image comparison and facial recognition biometrics. This has become the first court case for presenting such a testimony in courts. The core issue is the comparison of a person picture from a surveillance video with high quality mugshot picture and determining whether they are the same person or not. I have prepared four reports on defining the science and the methodology and then the analysis and answers to the Judges question. Judge requested an in-person presentation and Q&A to make a ruling on DA request to disallow my testimony.  After four hours of detail Q&A in witness stance, the Judge denied the motion by the DA and approved my testimony to be presented to the jury.  I gave my testimony to the Jury and the DA brought FBI Lab Facial Forensic expert as their expert to counter my points.