Investment Analysis

ABC provides industry in-depth information and analysis to the investment and venture capital firms and individual investors who have portfolio or are interested in investing in the Biometrics Companies and new ventures.

In the last 9 years we have completed 58 projects for wide range of customers from investment banking, fund managers, venture capital, major biometrics companies and individual investors.

Our consultants have been directly involved in every large biometric company acquisitions in the last 9 years.

Public and Private Biometrics Companies Analysis

Company History,
Company position in the market,
Management Analysis
Customer-base Analysis
Contracts and Major Accounts Win/Loss Analysis
Financial Analysis
Business Strategy and Business Plan Analysis
Product Portfolio and Roadmap Analysis
What are behind the Public News Releases?
Industry Insider Information

New Investment / New Venture / New Market Planning and Support in the Biometrics Identification Industry

Market Analysis, Market Segmentation, Value Chain, Market CAGR
Disruptive Technology
IP and Trade Secret Play and Planning

Support IPO, Merger and Acquisition, and Spin-off

Independent Industry Expertise advice with what works and what does not work.
Follow up integration, and consolidation planning.
Introducing the operation efficiencies.