Law Enforcer AFIS

Let ABC Inc. help you get the most Value out of your AFIS and ID System Strategic Planning, Replacement of current system, Procurement, Deployment and everyday enhanced Operation.

Why ABC Inc.?

ABC Inc is formed to provide vendor-knowledgeable independent professional consulting services to end-user Customers such as Law Enforcement / Police Information Organization AFIS and Identification Bureaus, Government Agencies deploying Civil ID, and Commercial and Enterprise businesses procuring AFIS and Biometrics ID systems.

Are you about to upgrade sole-source, your AFIS and CCH System?

We will work with you to help define:

  • the upgrade path;
  • data/system transition;
  • new product offering from your vendor;
  • and give a comprehensive scan of what is available in the market, and the justification for the sole-source procurement.

And help with your pre and post procurement process to get the most value, and least project hick ups and impacts on the on-going operation.

Are you planning to upgrade your AFIS with the best in the class product and latest IT service oriented and web-services architecture, enhancing the availability and accessibility for your end user community?

We Will help you to:

  • analyze your system requirements;
  • map out the system integration and interface needs;
  • write the technical requirements for the RFP;
  • do the technical review and selection process (system technical evaluations and benchmarking)  of the vendors;
  • carry contract negotiation with the selected vendor;
  • run the project with program management and the system deployment;

check the system operation functionality and performance, making sure it meets the contract specifications.

Are you thinking to explore adding new Biometrics functions to your AFIS?
Adding Facial Recognition to your Mugshot System?
Adding Iris capture and recognition to your Booking Process?
Adding the new ANSI/NIST CDEFFS third Level Features to your AFIS Latent Search?

Let ABC Inc. carries out the System Analysis and Use Case Study for you.

We have in-depth expertise in multi-biometrics performances and Biometrics Standards: ANSI/NIST-ITL standards for Exchange of Biometric Data, ANSI/NIST-ITL CDEFFS subcommittee, ANSI/INCITS M1, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC37, ICAO(TAG/MRTD-9303.