Secure ID

ABC Experts Provide:

  • Machine readable Passport, Visa (Machine readable Travel documents – MRTD) and other Secure ID credential Solution System Engineering, Requirements Analysis and Development, Customer Proposal Development, Procurement Management Support, and implementation.
  • System applications for ID management software product full life cycle management and quality control with defined performance (Speed and Accuracy) meeting the customers needs.
  • Testing, benchmarking and evaluation of MRTD and identification systems, new passports, visa, biometrics ID.
  • MRTD and Biometrics Standards, active participation, contribution and knowledge of ANSI/NIST-ITL standards for Exchange of Biometric Data, ANSI/NIST-ITL CDEFFS subcommittee, ANSI/INCITS M1, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC37, ICAO(TAG/MRTD-9303.

Work Product includes:

  1. Development of masterplan and preparation of Development Project Proposals for introduction of MRTD (MRP and MRV) and Biometrics ID.
  2. Business Process Re-engineering of passport and visa issuance and preparing organogram for DIP and its Human Resource Requirements.
  3. System Design and Integration
  4. Risk Mitigation and Change Management
  5. Procurement of necessary and related services including training
  6. Preparation of standard operating procedure for the new system